We’re proud to present: Our brand-new Pro Membership!

Happy new year everyone! We’re super excited to share with you the launch of our brand-new pro membership tier, which we’ve been working on for a while. 

Though we do pride ourselves in being accessible to every artist, after hearing so many of our members asking how they could support what we do directly, we have decided to launch a pro membership tier. 

We have paired up with our pals at SupaPass (a great, very friendly emerging music platform incidentally), who are facilitating this for us at no charge. 

For £5/month or £50/year, while Pro Members are supporting our common cause, that feel good factor will grow, as they further enjoy priority access and discounts to exclusive events from us and our partner organisations. This will extend shortly in time to discounts on rental gear and rehearsal spaces, give access to additional educational and insider material. It’s early doors yet but together we can build on this, enticing further partner organisations into giving us good deals and greater opportunities.

Become a pro member and support our work further today via our PRO section up in the main menu or click here

We really look forward to exploring what we can do together.